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Arnel Gaitan

​Executive Chef/GM

Chef Arnel Gaitan is the GM Executive Chef of Carne Aqui and HG Bistro our cousin restaurant in Puyallup Wa. Chef Arnel served in the Army where he was able to travel abroad and experience many different types of cuisine. He has trained under accredited chefs and formed life long friendships from the Wolfgang Puck restaurant and the Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls. His Filipino Pacific Islander heritage lends to his diverse culinary palate along with his travels while serving in the Army. He credits a lot of who he is and the chef he has become to his grandfather who was as good of a friend and mentor as anyone could ask for. Chef Arnel has an abundant of passion for making food and it shows in his dishes. His other passion is to help others find there culinary way and to have the opportunity to gift to them what others have for him. He is an amazing chef, father and friend that we are proud to have as part of our restaurant team family.